About Us

CocoCaramel is a small artisan chocolatiers making award-winning hand-made chocolate caramels.

We put our expertise and pride in producing every one of our chocolates from our base in the charming town of Inverurie, nestled in the heart of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Our passion is to create new and unique flavours by using the best quality ingredients and finest chocolate, infused with the exceptional produce found in and around Aberdeenshire.

Helen with our award

Coco Who?

The creative mind behind our delicious chocolates is our talented chocolatier, Helen. Helen has been based in Aberdeenshire since 2012 and has honed her skills over the years by baking patisserie and handmade cakes, which she sold locally through Aberdeenshire's Farmers' Markets. Driven by her passion for creating handmade caramel with layers of local flavours, Helen turned her attention to using those caramel flavours in chocolate. This led to the establishment of CocoCaramel in October 2022.

At CocoCaramel, we take pride in using only the freshest and finest local produce, including raspberries, heather honey, whiskies, gins, fresh cream, butter, sea salt, and vanilla bean. We individually make each caramel in small batches, taste and refine them to ensure our exceptional standards. Next, we use them to fill chocolate shells, then hand-dip and finish them in the finest Belgian chocolate. The result is a mouth-watering chocolate caramel that truly captures the essence of Aberdeenshire. With every bite, you can taste the love, care, and craftsmanship that goes into making each chocolate caramel.

Our Environmental Commitment

We pack each chocolate in a paper case, wrapped in glassine paper and cardboard, using fully recyclable packaging. Our priority is to deliver fresh and perfect chocolates, whether sent by post or bought as a local gift. After enjoying our chocolate caramels, you can easily recycle all packaging materials. Our commitment is to provide you with the best chocolate experience while minimizing our environmental impact.

Award Winning Chocolate Caramels

In June 2023, our small business participated in the North East Scotland Food and Drink Awards, entering our newly created unique product that we believed would stand out. Our product was a delicious chocolate caramel that we had worked tirelessly to perfect. We had a selection of three different collections: A Wee Dram, our collection of whisky caramels, The Perfect Tonic, our collection of gin caramels, and A Taste of Doric, our collection of Aberdeenshire caramels.

We were thrilled to find out that our hard work had paid off when we won the Best New Product award in the Emerging Business category for all three of our collections. It was an incredible honor to have our product recognized and appreciated by the judges. We felt immense pride in our achievement, as we had managed to create something special in such a short amount of time. Winning the award gave us the motivation to continue perfecting our product and to create even more delicious treats for our customers to enjoy.

Our chocolate creations

CocoCaramel prides itself on its commitment to creating new and innovative chocolate products. Helen, is passionate about experimenting with new combinations and ideas to bring you the finest quality chocolates. Our seasonal collections, such as the Botanical Summer caramels and the Autumnal Apple caramels, are a testament to our passion for creating unique and delicious flavours.

Our range of slabs and shards is equally impressive, with each piece perfectly showcasing the character of the smooth and creamy Belgian chocolate that we use in all our creations. We take pride in the quality and flavour of our Belgian chocolate, which serves as the centrepiece of all our products.

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